Tuesday, March 15, 2011


   Hello,  I am in Haiti finally.   This is our 6th day so far.  Planning to be here for 6 months!  It has been an awesome week.   On the first day we went to two orphanages one was CAD.  There we talked to a girl who had just arrived earlier on in that week.  Her name was Shammah (I think that is how you spell it I am not sure.)  She came running up to our translator crying.  We asked her what was wrong and she told us that earlier that day she had just found out that her father had gone to jail for abusing her.  Her mother had gone to the mountains she is just 13.  We prayed for her and lately when I have seen her she is smiling:)  Today I tried coconut milk from a coconut that had just been picked.  It didn't taste like I thought it would taste but I drank it all just to remember the moment.   Hopefully, I will be able to download pictures, I will try as soon as I can.  Check out my blog for more about my trip.  God bless you.  Jesus loves you!    

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  1. Hi Hannah It is very cool you got to try coconut milk! Have fun!!! I miss you all and I hope to see you all soon!!!!! Jesus loves you all soooooo much!!!!